Main Metering Panel

Industrial metering panels are also one of the most excellent quality metering panels which we are manufacturing and supplying on a very larger scale in the country. These industrial metering panels are used for the controlling of the incoming power supply voltage and its distribution among the other appliances in the industry in most appropriate and desirable manner. These industrial metering panels are provided with auto sensing and intelligence technologies to make its work more efficient and reliable.

 Metering panels are a kind of control panels which are very much required for the domestic as well as industrial purposes for the measurement of amount of power used up and the rate of power consumption. These metering panels are the best equipments which can easily be installed and can conveniently be used for the processes of power consumption. These apartment metering panels are very easy to install and are provided with excellent anemometers and galvanometers for the calculation of present incoming and output voltage amplitude.

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